The First Post— A Cup of Hot Water

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My relationship with coffee is unequal. I love it more than it loves me, because after I drink a nice cup, I don’t feel as peppy as I should. This morning, I had great plans of awakening on time and making a nice pot before my early class— this did NOT happen.
My plan was to arise at seven, start my pot of coffee, and begin writing this blog to describe the magical adventures I have with coffee. In preparation, last night I filled the coffee maker with sufficient water and promised myself to put the actual coffee in it upon awakening— leaving ground coffee in the pot overnight may cause it to become stale, and I love fresh coffee.
So I woke up at 7:35, and rushed to get ready.  Of course, I had no time to enjoy a cup and write this blog. In order to compensate for my late awakening, I decided to look nice for the day— more so than I usually do. I picked out a collared shirt, a warm overlay sweater, and comfortable khaki pants; the next feat was finding the right pair of shoes to wear. Should I wear my moccasins, or my Calvin Klein suede shoes?  The moccasins would be more comfortable, but out of my 18 pairs with me, I could not find the left one— Calvin Klein, it is. And finally!! The pinnacle of my morning: my first cup of coffee.
My heart sank. My smile inverted. The pot was nothing more than hot water!! SHOOOOOOTAH.  Coffee can make or break my morning— this one was wrecked. No worries, I thought, I’ll just go to ABP and get coffee with breakfast.
And the time came after my first class to make a trip to ABP and have a joyous cup. But wouldn’t you know— the French Roast was completely dry.
I’m partial to bold, dark coffees, and I see no point in drinking coffee that merely taps me on the shoulder and says in a whispery voice, “Good morning, Robbie, how are you today?” NO. I want a coffee who will argue with me, one that slaps me and yells “WAKE UP NOW!! YOU HAVE A WORLD TO WIN, AND YOU CAN’T SLEEP THROUGH IT.”
So I bought a juice instead, and when I go back to my room, I’m grinding fresh beans and rewarding myself, because I AM WORTH IT.
Hello, good morning.

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