Against the Grounds— Er, grain…

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I really do. Especially when my coffee smells the same way.
I have faced a bit of opposition. Apparently, some people don’t like coffee— I’m really not sure why, because its aromatic smell heightens senses, and the beautiful substance of caffeine is essential to my waking up in the morning. I’m not addicted quite yet, but I have every intention of becoming so— a small vice in the scheme of things.
Let me tell my story, when it all began…
Flying on an early morning flight on my favorite airplane, a Boeing 757, United Airlines was kind enough to brew Starbucks, my second favorite coffee. Since I’m NOT a morning person, the rich smell of coffee is like a chorus of angels, serenading me to a glorified state of euphoria (I need to get out more often).  I was leaving a great city behind, Portland, Oregon, and also my family after a brief visit. The only two things salvaging this unbearable, somber moment were coffee and airplanes. We accelerated down the runway under classic, drizzling Portland skies, and the amazing thrust of the Pratt & Whitney engines pressed me against the seat. Goodbye, Portland. Goodbye, Vancouver. The cities faded into a grey veil as we climbed through a cloud layer— we then broke out on top of a blanket of altostratus clouds, and a dazzling sunrise greeted the airplane as we ascended.
 Air travel is a passion of mine, and I enjoy every minute of it, even the delays and inconveniences. Such is the choice of my intended career!! When I climb into the cockpit some early morning, I will have the opportunity to greet the golden sun with a smile and have a chat with it over coffee— regardless of the weather on the ground. Anytime I’m in an airport— people watching is also a favorite pastime —is an enjoyable time for me.
So to those of you who have expressed disgust with the nectar of the Gods, I encourage you to embrace my relationship with it— you see where it originated. Don’t consider about the drink itself, but rather its connection to me.
And how my morning went— I brewed a mean pot of coffee from Santo Domingo; Dominicans know how to grow coffee. I woke up on time, although not enough time to sit down and write. That’s fine, because I did have a silent moment to myself before starting the day.
Hello, good morning.

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