Los días del colegio

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Center of Operations and my stash
Buenos días, friends!! “Ohh, no. He started in Spanish. What could this mean??”
I’m giving thanks to the Dominican coffee, which I’m sipping. And also, I have to relate my morning coffee to the mornings before classes of high school.
Ohhhhhhhhh Señor Williams— a goofy, yet slightly reserved character, whose goal in life is to make his students’ laugh change from “haha” to “jaja.” His love for coffee is profound, and before class, he fills a cup to the brim and continuously drinks throughout the day, stopping before lunch. I don’t think I ever walked in the room without it smelling like coffee— I was completely fine with this, because of my deep affection for this fine scent. His class is the reason why I am passionate about Spanish, because of the way in which he conducts his lessons: humorous, profound, and although requiring work, relaxing. He has the skill that I hold most dearly— the distinction between when to be funny and when to be serious, and how to combine the two.
My friend Jesska and I used to parade around the hallways in the morning, sporting fashionable looks— not because we were flaunting, but because we wanted something to do. Often, I carried my coffee with me, and I greeted my classmates for the day ahead. I always felt a certain level of class while walking, never in a superior way, and it was an extreme confidence boost to don clothing that most of my peers never ventured to wear. It set me apart from the rest— I’m a firm believer of “If you look good, you feel good” and also “Dress for success.” Even if I’m running late, I take time to look presentable, because one never knows what the day will bring or whom one will meet.
Now that I’m in college, I don’t have my espresso machine with me. Sadly, I can’t make my signature drink— The (double) Hammerhead. This drink is an explosion, and when perfected, can brighten my day; I can’t wait to return home and whip one up!! The process is very simple: fresh, quality ingredients, like freshly ground beans of a caliber above most coffees, and fresh, cold water. A Hammerhead is typically made with one shot of espresso added to a cup of regular drip-brewed coffee— except I use two shots. Should one use cheap espresso, the jitters will occur; with my technique of high-class coffee and two shots, I am able to create a highly caffeinated shock— but it isn’t a jolt of energy. I used to drink half of it prior to my first class and 20 minutes into the lecture, I could feel the drugs slowly pumping through my veins; this probably is neither healthy nor recommended— but I do recommend it…
I didn’t use coffee as a tool to wake up during high school, but merely as a small luxury. I haven’t reaped the cons of taking in too much caffeine, but I’m sure I will soon; I’m valiantly awaiting the headaches to commence once I take a coffee sabbatical (don’t expect this for quite some time, because my blog has just started. It may turn into a small mini-series describing my mornings WITHOUT coffee). You have been warned.
Que tengas un día maravilloso!!
Hola, buenos días.

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