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A specific coordinating conjunction is the most arrogant word in the English language. So.
If you don’t believe me, listen to it the next time someone uses it in context. Usually it means that the person wants you to think more about what they’ve just said.
Being a pilot, I say this all the time. “I have my private pilot’s license, so…” Did I mention that there is an invisible ellipsis at the end of the spoken sentence? I might have just admitted to being slightly pompous— but we all use the word “so” to sum up “Hey, rethink what I just said. Isn’t that cool?”
Of course, I don’t mean that, in every instance, someone is being arrogant. When there is no clause followed by “so…” that is when the mischief begins. It may be out of arrogance; it may be out of pride.
I’m not saying that this is bad; it’s simply an observation. So…

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