Dress for Success

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I intended to make this a sappy, thank-you-for-being-you post, because of the morning I had— but instead, I’m going to talk about how great I look today.
I’ll start with an itemized account of each article of clothing:
·      Calvin Klein brown suede shoes
·      J Crew corduroy pants
·      Roundtree & Yorke white dress shirt
·      Striped, navy Christian Dior tie
·      Green Lacoste cardigan
Being the narcissistic person I am, I remember how much each item cost— this entire outfit cost $51, with the shoes taking up the major proportion of $30.
The way in which we present ourselves starts with our clothing; it is the first basis on which someone makes an assumption. I put thought into every outfit I wear, just to make sure I aesthetically present myself in a proper manner— one never knows whom one will encounter!! 
 Too many times, I see those who choose not to dress for success— sweatpants and hoodies. How do they expect to prepare for the job force (or reality) when their attire suggests self-apathy?? Or maybe I’m not taking advantage of this prime opportunity, afforded to my by my college years, to be a slug; I’ll choose self-improvement any day.
This morning I went to breakfast with a great friend. He lives in my hometown and sort of runs a bank or some mediocre thing like that… [sarcasm]. The sun warmly gleamed through the windows of the café, and I daydreamed as he finished a phone call:
If time and societal expectations allowed (and of course financial means), I would love nothing more to savor a morning in a quiet café, writing a novel. Not the next Eat, Pray, Love or even Dorian Gray, but my own novel— about what?? I’m not sure. I have a title, the perfect title, which I will not share until you see it on the bookshelves someday. It may or may not be loosely written around my life, because I haven’t fully developed the plot. The energy is there for this novel, and I will manipulate it.
Basically, what I mean is that I’m on my way. This voice I have created is not going to be silenced. I’m fueled by an unknown energy, and I’m going to look damn good while I’m at it.

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