City Takeover: Seattle, Part I

Fine. So I’m not in “Seattle.” But Redmond, Washington is close enough— tomorrow, I will make my way into the city, starting with Seattle Pacific University and a whole list of other activities. But that endeavor will be discussed in Part II.

A jewel studded in Redmond is Pomegranate Bistro, casual gourmet restaurant located in what appears to be a warehouse; however, once inside, the soft lighting combined with the bright colors make for a semi-intimate setting for two, yet the ambiance is completely appropriate for a family gathering. Lisa Dupar’s catering company can be seen through plate glass windows, and her workers prepare the food for whatever occasion a customer desires. The cuisine is so exclusive that Bill Gates’ wedding reception was catered by her— although the prices of the dishes won’t break the bank.

I chose the staple of Sharper Mac & Cheese Gratin without prosciutto or tuna; typically, I’m not a fan of meat unless it’s the main entree.  My mom and I shared a Ham & Maple Glazed Pineapple Firebread (pizza). I’m not a food connoisseur, but hot damn, this meal was GREAT!! The cheese in the pasta was tasty, not overpowering or dominating; the noodles successfully retained the flavor of the cheese. The pizza had individual pieces of ham lain across the width, although hidden by the cheese, which also harbored intermittently placed pineapple— sweet and juicy flavors that complemented the saltiness of the ham.

To finish the grandeur of a divine meal, I chose the Cranberry Cider Sorbet with Cranberry foam— it was phenomenal!! The warm, sweet foam contrasted against the grainy, cold sorbet. The dessert was only $4.00, but there was certainly enough to fill up the rest of the room in my stomach and supported several trial bites from my group.

All in all, this cute, tucked-away bistro is a versatile establishment. Take visiting friends or have a romantic dinner for two; this place will suffice and exceed expectations for both.

Lisa Dupar’s Catering— more info on Pomegranate

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