Not Quite a Product Placement— but close!

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            Hiding from me during my first year of college is a fantastic café on the corner of Lindell and Spring— Nadoz. Despite the thousands of tasks that needed completion before my 7:10 a.m. departure from Lambert Int’l Airport, my friends intercepted me on the way to the laundry room and persuaded me to get a smoothie or something of the sort. I told them that I couldn’t stay more than an hour, due to pressing chores; they agreed and stated that the café would close soon anyway— hell, Nadoz follows me on Twitter, so I owe them patronage.
            Located in the Coronado, the establishment presents itself in a clean-cut, detailed manner. Although very intricate in terms of décor, Nadoz has a simplistic design, with ample seating, both booth and conventional tables and chairs. Catering to students, tables are large enough to accommodate huge textbooks, notebooks, and laptops all at one time— yet the space is intimate enough to have a private conversation. For SLU students, Nadoz is simply a walk off campus and is in the direct path home for many who live in the numerous apartment complexes that line Lindell Boulevard.  But it isn’t exclusively dominated by students like other nearby establishments.
            Several chalkboards serve as menus, ranging from classic to obscure— I didn’t have time to sit and have a meal, but from word-of-mouth and indirect observation, I can gather that the cuisine is scrumptious!! (I really want to try the crepes.) And the drink selection is absolutely endless. This particular day was cold, and after a teasing warm spell, I was in need to be warmed in a new way— that, and the fact that my 100% acrylic sweater did not suffice to maintain my body heat. I wanted pep, eccentricity, and sustainability to carry me through the rest of my very long day.
            I’m not patronizing or exaggerating when I say that the Mexican Chai Latte is now one of my favorite drinks; I decided this slightly before halfway finishing it.  Every single sip, even as the drink cooled considerably, was spicily sweet— first a kick and a diminishing surprise, followed through by the earthy, milky chai. Both sides of the coin were fantastically represented: shock and bite, richness and flavor, all together creating a uniquely refreshing evening drink. As you may well be aware, I enjoy jet fuel as my morning wake up call— bold coffees like Starbucks’ French roast and recently Pikes Place roast. But throughout the day, I need to cool my jets and relax into the flow, not startlingly jumping. The Mexican Chai Latte at Nadoz does exactly that.
            I fully intend on returning for more visits— the staff, stunningly cute and pleasant, is efficient and swift. In comparison to other local coffee shops located on and near SLU’s campus, Nadoz, in my book (or blog), is rated one of the highest. My only hesitation is that their hours are not cohesively convenient with the college student’s life; but therein is another aspect of Nadoz— its versatile clientele. The majority, yet not everyone, in the café was students and, seemingly, young professionals.
            I envy those who live in the Coronado and can quickly run to the lobby for a sensational treat, but for the most part, Nadoz is close enough (and closer in some cases) than their surrounding competition— those lethargic days, which I commonly have, will be complemented by a shorter walk.
            Side note: I’m writing this from 34,000 feet. Have I ever mentioned how productive I am while airborne? If only each weekend I could travel on a two-hour flight— I would accomplish so many things. My cell phone is turned off and no WiFi (yet…to my pleasure), meaning that there is minimal distraction. So to any airline pilots willing to offer free flights for my academic success, I greatly appreciate you! 
Visit Nadoz on the web at for more information.

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