Coffee Review: La Minita Peaberry from Caribou Coffee

A preface:

I love coffee. The premise of this blog is my thoughts surrounding my cup of coffee in the morning. Typically my ideas come from influential persons about whom I think in the stillness of the morning. Topics are sentimental, storytelling, and analyses of my life.

Today, however, is essentially a product placement. No, I’m not being financially compensated (I wish) to write about a certain brand or blend of coffee. I like to promote persons and products that I find helpful and worthwhile.

My dear friend, Delia, graciously sent me a gift for completing my instrument rating— see the previous blogs —and the name on the address is perfectly appropriate. The title went straight to my head, and I now wish to be addressed as such henceforth. “Capt. Robbie Barnhart” is fitting, since my handle on Twitter is @CaptainBobbie and my radio persona is such, too.

At first glance of the package, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Ohh shoot. It’s a light coffee.” I’m a fan of very dark beans, ones that say GOOD MORNING. Weak, little light-roasted beans can’t compare to that of my Starbucks French Roast which has the label of X-BOLD, smoky and bitter (not unlike myself). But, knowing that Delia is an excellent coffee connoisseur— she’s a pilot—, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

And I was most certainly surprised. The peaberry is a unique bean in that it is oval-shaped and symmetrical. The aroma is earthy and herbal, but there are prominent notes of chocolate, especially as it brews. The mocha brown bean produces an unexpected dark brew, and while the bean itself is not oily, it leaves a residue in the bottom of the cup.

Sipping it, there is a slight fruity taste with a nutty finish (please laugh at this horrible choice of words) and a buttery, rich background. All in all, this wasn’t water with coffee flavor— it is a formidable light bean!!

Delia is now blogging, too, about her adventures as a regional pilot. You should follow her journey on her blog Sqeuaky’s Skywritings.

Excuse me while I finish this cup of coffee.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Review: La Minita Peaberry from Caribou Coffee

  1. Delia "Squeaky" Willes

    Fantastic! I too prefer a darker roast – there's just something about the mouthfeel and tannins of the darker bean along with the bold taste that demands you wake up NOW!! I'm so glad you liked it. Your description and tasting notes are incredibly sophisticated! I can't wait for you to "discover" wine when you're 21.

  2. petergrossman

    Hate to break it to you but light roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts. The longer you roast a bean, the more the caffeine burns away from it – and La Minita is VERY light! Dark roasts are evening coffees 🙂

  3. petergrossman

    And I have to say it – if you associate light coffees with a lack of flavor – you gotta get the heck out of starbucks! A good light roast explodes on the palate.

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