National Coffee Day

Shouldn’t this be every day?

I don’t believe in coincidences. What we see on a day to day basis is only half of the story; the other half is what we feel and the energy beneath the surface— one can call it synchronicity. I walk into the coffee shop on campus and order a grande coffee (foo foo coffees aren’t my thing). The server tells me that it will be just a moment until fresh coffee is ready. A minute later, she replaces the bold coffee. It froths itself as I press down on the pump and my nose perks up to such a beautiful aroma.


Coffee is a bonding experience. We drink it to connect with the world in the morning. We drink it late in the night when a friend calls to come over and talk about their pressing woes. We drink it when that project is due the next day, and we have 10 other things to do. Although it is a stimulant, it slows down time and allows us to focus.

Glorious Day!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m chatting with friends. Later, I’ll post pictures of my memorable sleeves, which I save.

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