Coffee Sleeves: My Mementos

I save the sleeves of important coffee interactions. Sometimes from travel, sometimes from meeting people. Rest assured that I have many more, but these are the highlights. Working clockwise:

  • Earlier this year, I went to the Pacific Northwest. My mom and I connected through Denver, and my lovely airline pilot friend (“big sister” of the industry) Delia told me to try the Turtle Mocha from Caribou Coffee— DEN is one of the closest places to have Caribou Coffee. Sweet and salty AND caffeinated. 
  • Yesterday was National Coffee Day, which inspired this post and the previous one. It would be blasphemous not to celebrate with a grande coffee.
  • My dear “uncle” (or whom I have claimed as such) Dan often conducts business in Saint Louis, so when he visits, I wake up early to eat breakfast with him, usually in the Central West End. This was the first visit.
  • A monumental date was that of meeting the aforementioned Delia. Though we had previously lived in the same town and chatted on a networking website, we met in real life at Lambert St. Louis airport. She took me through the crew room (more like crew closet) and gave me a pad of ATIS recording paper. We chatted forever,  or until she had to fly her last flight out of STL as a base. 
  • Yet again, I found myself trekking to the airport to meet with a dear yogi friend, Jen. You may recognize her name from my radio show’s segment, A Song for Jen. There is a pattern of my visiting the airport before friends fly. I take every chance I can to visit them and the airport. 
  • Half of these sleeves are Starbucks, but only one is from the original Starbucks in Pikes Place of Seattle, Washington. Walking through the market with a piroshki and coffee on a cool, rainy day may be my favorite thing to do in the Emerald City. My heart belongs in New York, now, but I foresee living in the PacNW to settle down.

Periodically, I’ll post significant ones. But there will also be sleeves that I will hold near and dear to my heart— for my eyes only!

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