What Have I Been Drinking?

Untraditional bag; I’m special.

French roast, that’s what. A dear friend of mine gave me a Starbucks gift card, and I decided to pick up a bag for my dwindling supply at my local store. None of the flavors caught my fancy, and I wasn’t in the mood to try something new. Italian and espresso roast are deep and sensual— but not quite as smoky as French roast. To my dismay, they had none on display and none in the stockroom. I put my faith in Gaga, and the barista said, “Wait, aren’t we brewing French roast this week? I’ll just put some in a bag for you.” My prayers were answered.

She scooped some beans into a paper bag with their logo, and I was on my way. This time, though, I was determined to make the coffee stay fresh longer. Popular culture believes that keeping coffee in the freezer retains freshness— but on the Starbucks bag, it strictly prohibits it. To be honest, I used to squeeze the air out of the bag and call it a day. Nevermore! I have purchased a cheap, air-tight container— the beans still have their oily finish, and it has been two weeks!

Air-tight container: NECESSITY

I’m waiting to try the new Blonde roast before I bash on its weakness. SB claims that it’s full of flavor, but it’s a lighter alternative. I’ll concede and say that not all enjoy a kick in the pants in the morning (I’m willing to drink X-bold roast in the evening, too…) and I will try to be impartial when I critique it.

Coming up next: my addiction and infatuation with St. Louis’ new wave of food trucks.

Some of you know about my recent jaunt to Dallas for the Women in Aviation 2012 conference— I’ll be posting about that as soon as pictures roll in from it. I forgot to take a camera, and I only have one or two on my phone from the event. It was chocked full of shenanigans, and I’ll leave it at that for now.

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