Coffee Review: Kaffe Hela Bönor Mörkrost

I’ll take that coffee table with my coffee, please.
Method: Auto-drip brew
Quite literally it means “coffee whole beans dark roast” in Swedish— yes, the same place at which one may purchase a sofa, one can pick up a bag of coffee, too. 
My mother bought this for me on a recent trip to Seattle (coffee capital of the world) and I was thrilled at the conception of coffee from IKEA. But on second thought, I raised my eyebrow to the fact that this is essentially generic coffee from a furniture store. At any rate, my Swedish roots were interested when I opened the bag. 

The beans are lighter than most dark roast coffees, and the aroma is nutty— much like the Caribou Coffee I reviewed earlier. The appearance of the beans is also not as oily as my previous Starbucks French Roast, though the richness isn’t sacrificed. Indeed, the taste is lighter than the French Roast, but I’m content with it. While the body of the coffee is very full, it skimps on the aftertaste— the brewed aroma isn’t as full as I had expected, either. At the center of the gulp, it tastes mildly acidic, but it doesn’t distract from the drink. 
It’s late afternoon. I would suggest drinking this roast then, too, for it neither gives me a kick in the pants, nor does it make me want to curl up and take a nap. It would be perfect for entertaining! 
All in all, IKEA’s dark roast coffee is a solid afternoon brew, appropriate for guests, and adds just enough caffeine to the end of your work day for a lively and jitter-free commute. 

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