It’s so petty— you post a picture on social media with friends, and someone inevitably comments, “TFIM” or “TFTI.” These new acronyms, Thanks for Inviting Me or Thanks for the Invite, annoy me.

When I hang out with a group of people, it is never my intent to exclude any one person. Usually, my nights are organic and snowball into a few friends meeting up with a herd of people. For example, just a few nights ago, I went out with a friend from college (not aviation) and his colleagues. Next thing you know, it turned into a huge group of gay pilots, kikiing and having a great time.

Whether these slights are said in jest or not, it’s indicative of one’s insecurity with their friend group. Perhaps a more positive comment would be appropriate. I don’t know why you weren’t invited. It could be circumstance— maybe you’re in a different city. Maybe you’re with other friends. Or maybe you really are that salty girl that no one wants at the party. But that kind of attitude surely won’t help you get invited to more things.

We all become FOMO homos (Fear of Missing Out) when we see large gaggles of gays together, and we aren’t there to participate. Whether it’s chartering a private jet to Maui or simply meeting up in the gayborhood for a beverage, let’s hold ourselves to a higher standard of wishing each other well.

I just signed a deal with Lipton with how much tea I spilled, and you can thank me for the next solar eclipse from all the shade I’ve just thrown— but don’t come for me for having a good time, just because you’re not there. It’s unnecessary drama that could be circumvented with a simple, “Looks like you’re having a great time!” Any extra comments can be muttered under your breath, thank you very much. *hair toss, death drop*

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