You’ve landed. The longest journey you’ve ever had, and you’ve chosen here, this place and this time, to settle upon a tiny yet fabulous corner of the web. What can I offer you? Not much in the way of earthly possessions, but I can regale my experiences as a daringly overt gay pilot, often long-winded, but always ready to dish out sass and wisdom in a loving, carefree way.

What is this? This is The Flight of Your Life: welcome aboard.

IMG_4528My name is Robbie Barnhart, a fabulous First Officer floating around the Universe. When I’m not gallivanting in an 80,000 pound jet across North America, I’m likely using my flight benefits to explore different corners of our world. Or I’m in my own little world on my yoga mat, discovering my glittery self a bit more.

Captain Bobbie is a pseudonym for my work, a social media presence, and everyone needs a brand.

I’m sappy, cheesy, and poignant.

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